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This project will not be published as initially planned. The work and rights has been transferred back to the artist, Thomas Knarvik. He has now published the book with Bluitgen (Tøkk) in Denmark.

The reasons behind the cancellation are explained in this article (Norwegian).

Some info (sorry for bad English):
– The book was started in spring and printed in June 2015, but cancelled before publication. An agreement about this between the publisher and the author was made in July.
– Copies that were printed were shredded during summer. (Not burnt on a book-fire, as recently claimed by the author)
– After putting a considerable amount of work into the project, SpreDet paid all expenses, and released the pdf material freely to Knarvik so he could find another publisher.
– Knarvik will now publish his book with the Danish publisher Bluitgen sept. 30. (ebook here) The current media coverage in Norway has been a result of him promoting it.

SpreDets reasons for cancellation include:
1) A very short production process, three months instead of the twelve+ usual for books, resulted in a lack of proper quality assurance. Response from test readers was not as expected, the book did not seem to communicate what was intended from the start. Not an ideal process for making books, of course, but that is how it happened.
2) Disagreement about strategy, as the author wanted to go worldwide and cause as much uproar as possible, the publisher wanted a softer approach. Starting as a small “quick and dirty” project, the scope of it expanded to the point where it would tie up most of SpreDets limited resources. Already, two other books had to be postponed to next year because of the project.
3) During the process it gradually became clear that the publisher and author had different viewpoints about issues related to the book. A certain amount of disagreement is natural and can even be fruitful, but for a project like this both parties need to agree on a common platform. There was not enough trust between the parties for SpreDet to back Knarvik’s mission unconditionally around the world.

SpreDet wishes Knarvik good luck with his book. He is a gifted artist that deserves a publisher that can back him 100% on his project.

“‘The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame’ is the motto of InHisName, a collection of drawings critical of religion.”
InHisName - Your freedom

“To those who may ask: There are no drawings of Mohammed. But compassion with the victims of oppression, of all countries.”

In His Name - church mosque

InHisName - Thomas Knarvik


InHisName - popes


InHisName Luther quote

*The Wife has not..: This is a quote from Martin Luther. (A Sermon on Marriage, 1525)

In His Name - Thomas Knarvik


Thomas Knarvik - InHisName party


InHisName - THe crucifiction

The Crucifiction


InHisName - gay


“The Norwegian artist Thomas Knarvik has collaborated with Miss Suppressionfighter to make these drawings. The main characters are islamic extremists and catholic perverts. The West can not force change onto the arabic world, in the same way muslims can not stop the wrongdoings of the catholic church.”

Book review in Berlingske Tidende (Denmark).

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