Dette er var hjemmesiden til Mathilde-appen for iPad, som du finner i iTunes.

Mathilde-prosjektet vil fra og med 2015 ikke bli oppdatert eller videreført.



Mathilde og busene

3 comments on “Mathilde

  1. Hi. I have children’s book app review site and I’d like to know if the Mathilda book app is truly available inEnglush, as all the screen shots are n German. Thanks.

  2. Hi Mom,
    That is a great site u have, nice to see someone takes the issues of kids’ apps seriously. We hope to make an English version of Mathilde in a few months. The interactivity stuff is pretty simple in this version, hope to improve it in the coming versions. Here is a promo code if u want to download it: MHMNA7R9JT3Y (not sure it makes much sense to foreign readers, it being in Norwegian)
    – Håv.

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